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About Us

Dear Valued Student/Partner,

We are happy to welcome you on our website!

Studybookers is a Language Schools Online Agency (first in Russia!) where every Russian speaking adult student  who would like to study foreign languages abroad  can get  free information about the language schools in the country where he or she would like to study. In order to make his or her right choice the student is provided with all the important information about the school, classes, types of accommodation, fees, photos and videos.

Studybookers assists students with the bookings, makes the places availability request and sends the booking form directly to the school on behalf of the student. The payment for the programme is to be made by the student himself  directly to the school due to the school invoice that Studybookers kindly sends to the student. 

Studybookers also provides visa information and may assist in completing visa application forms and visa consulting in case it's necessary.       

As we do not rent an office, which is both our policy and competitive advantage, the price for our services is quite low - 4000 RUR. We are sure that economy of 300-600 euro (that is the range of prices for other agencies' services) can make it possible for more and more students to study languages abroad.

How it works?

Studybookers is a team of highly skilled professionals with heaps of experience both in education abroad and teaching languages in Russia. We effectively assist in choosing the best variant both in classes and accommodation and do our best for the student to get value for money.

Our responsibilities:

  • help to choose the best deal
  • organize booking
  • advise on invoice payment
  • consult on visa procedure and fill in all the forms
  • and last but never least - make our client happy!

New partners

Studybookers would be glad to invite NEW language schools to join our Online Agency data base and we’re looking forward to our long-term and fruitful cooperation! 

In case you are glad to join our team or just have any offers, questions or requests you may contact our Marketing department via e-mail: marketing@studybookers.ru

Sincerely yours,
Studybookers team